Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions


2014       CandyLab, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                Curated by Cynthia Hathaway


2014       Through a Hole in the Mountain, MT Kurashiki, Japan


2014       With Different Stars in the Sky, NN Contemporary, Northampton UK

                Curated by Catherine Hemelryk


2013       Supernatural Tasks and Magic Objects, Carclew Youth Arts, Adelaide 

                (collaboration with Amy Joy Watson, Aurelia Carbone, Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Bridget Minuzzo & Jemimah Davis) 


2012       Utakata Tayatau / The Blinking of an Eye. Spiral, Tokyo Japan (with Ai Yamaguchi)

                Curated by Yoshie Ota


2012       We miss you magic land! Childrens Art Centre, GoMA, Brisbane

                Curated by Kate Ryan 


2011       Bing Bong, Big Bang. Kunstverein, Ludwigsburg, Germany

                (collaboration with Nicole Andrijevic)

                Curated by Marko Schacher


2011       Sweet Sweet Galaxy. Smiths Row, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic & John Kassab), 

                Curated by Rosie Grieve and Catherine Hemelryk


2010       A Handful of Sunshine,A-things, Tokyo, Japan

                Curated by Machiko Hirokawa


2010       Happy Sky Dream, Aichi Triennale. Nagoya, Japan

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic) 

                Curated by Hisako Hara


2009       Three Minutes Happiness.  Free range, Perth Australia

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)


2009       Under The Crystal Sky Japan Foundation, Sydney Australia

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)


2007       The Edge of the World West Space, Melbourne

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic & John Kassab)

                Curated by Stephanie Han


2007       I’ll Be Your Mirror  Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth Australia

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic),

                Curated by Jasmin Stephens



Selected Group Exhibitions


2014       Very Fun Park, Songsham Cultural Park, Taipei

                Curated by Nicole Wu


2014       Redlands Konica Art Award, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia

                Curated by Tim Johnson


2013       Arte Magre - from the opaque, AEAF Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide   

                Curated by Mary Knights and Domenico De Clario

                (in collaboration with Aurelia Carbone and Alex Bishop-Thorpe)


2013       Temporary Democracies, Campbelltown Sydney   

                Curated by Paul Gazzola,


2013       Periscope, Castlemaine Visual Arts Biennale, Victoria

                Curated by Deborah Ratliff


2012       Smart Illumination, Zaim, Yokohama, Japan

                Curated by Yoshie Ota, 


2012       Kuandu Biennale, KdMoFa, Taipei, Taiwan

                Curated by Liya Wang/ Sarah Bond, 


2012       Objectified, SASA Gallery, Adelaide, Australia

                Curated by Karen Paris


2012       PICA Salon, PICA, Perth Australia

                Curated by Leigh Robb


2012       Fluoresce, NGV Studio, Melbourne Australia.


2011       The Ornamental Gesture, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)

                Curated by An Seebach


2010       Innovators, Linden Contemporary Artspace, Melbourne Australia

                (collaboration with Clare Peake)

                Curated by Jan Duffy


2010       Zen to Kawaii – the Japanese Affect,QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)

                Curated by Vanessa Van Ouyen


2010       Sunshine, Takashimaya, Nagoya, Japan

                Curated by Hisako Hara


2010       Duetto, AEAF, Adelaide, Australia 

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)

                Curated by Domenico DeClario


2010       PICA Salon. PICA, Perth, Australia

                Curated by Leigh Robb


2009       Off the Wall. ArtMelbourne 09, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia


2009       Fluoresce. Area Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, Australia


2009       Pingpong, Aldas Contemporary Art Gallery and Project Space, Perth, Australia

                (collaboration with Clare Peake)


2008       An Ever Expanding Universe, PICA Perth, Australia.

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)

                Curated by Melissa Keys,


2008       Sweet Dreams for Queen Bees. Mori Gallery, Sydney, Outpost and Blonde  Venus, Brisbane,

                Schwipe Don’t Come Gallery, Melbourne, and Webbs Gallery, Auckland NZ. 

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)


2008       The Streets of Melbourne, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia 

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)


2007       Fluoresce. Area Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, Australia


2007       D&K Art Award. Kurb Gallery, Perth, Australia 

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)

                Curated by David Turley & Korin Gath


2007       We Love Love. High Street, Perth, Australia. 

                (collaboration with N. Andrijevic)


2006       Fremantle Print Award. Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, Australia.



Commissions & Projects


2014        ArtBar curator, MCA, Sydney


2014        MT masking tape collaboration, Japan


2013        PomPom, Contemporary Art Space for Children, Adelaide


2013        WTC More x Pip & Pop, Hong Kong


2013        Romance Was Born collaboration, Summer 14 collection Mushroom Magic


2013        Romance Was Born set creation, Carriageworks, MB Fashion Week ,Sydney


2013        Totes, Carriageworks, Sydney


2012        Hermes Maison, If you find me in a dream, Tokyo 


2012        Masako Aoki / Spiral Paper styling, Tokyo


2012        So-En Magazine Shimokitazawa shopping trip, Tokyo


2010        Art1000, PICA, Perth, Australia


2008        Curvy 5, published by Yen Magazine. (with N. Andrijevic)


2008        Sweet Dreams, WA Business and the Arts Partnership Awards, Art Gallery of  WA (with N. Andrijevic)


2007        3x3 Urban Art Project, Forrest Place, Perth, Australia (with N. Andrijevic)



Grants & awards


2014       Artflight grant, Department of Culture and the Arts, WA

2014       Travel grant, Australia Council

2013       New Work Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2012       Artflight grant. The Department of Culture and the Arts, WA
2010       Arts Development Grant. The Department of Culture and the Arts, WA
2010       Significant International Opportunities Grant. Australia Council for the Arts

2010       Artflight grant, the Department of Culture and the Arts, WA
2009       Qantas Contemporary Art Award
2009       Artflight grant, the Department of Culture and the Arts, WA
2009       Japan Foundation. Facetnate! Grant, and winner of Emerging Art Award, NSW

2008       Artflight grant. The Department of Culture and the Arts, WA
2008       Linden Postcard Show. Award winner, VIC 




       Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art

       Edith Cowan University

       King Edward Memorial Hospital

       Private collections Australia and Japan




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works by Tanya Schultz unless stated otherwise

Australian artist Tanya Schultz works as Pip & Pop to create immersive installations and artworks from an eclectic range of materials including sugar, glitter, candy, plastic flowers, everyday craft materials and all sorts of objects she finds on her travels.

Her practice embodies both independent and collaborative processes across varying disciplines including installation, painting, wall-works and sculpture.

Often ephemeral, her meticulously constructed and highly detailed works embrace notions of abundance, utopian dreams and fleeting pleasure. She is fascinated with ideas of paradise and wish-fulfillment described in folk tales, mythologies and cinema. 

Pip & Pop began as a collaboration with fellow artist Nicole Andrijevic in 2007. After four years Nicole left the partnership to pursue a different career. Tanya now works solo and with other friends and artists creating projects in many parts of the world.


Tanya has exhibited her work in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, the UAE and the UK.